Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinosaur shirt

When I went fishing with my nephews and my dad last week, I was wearing my coolest pants:  a Marcy Tilton pattern that I  made with a knit I found at Hancock's, a "juvenile" print that was just too wonderful to be off-limits to adults.  It was in my colors--various shades of indigo blues--and it had dinosaur skulls and the word "Dinosaur" (in case you didn't know) all over it.

My nephew Jack, who is a naturalist, of course noticed the pants and said, "Did you know your pants have dinosaurs on them?"  He said he would like to have a shirt made out of the same fabric, and some pants too.

Hancock's was out of the fabric, but I found it quickly online, at an Etsy shop and also on Ebay.  How wonderful the internet is!  I ordered the fabric and the one yard from the Etsy shop came in two days.  The other packet, of 1 5/8 yards, accidentally went to Houston because I had not changed my address at Ebay or paypal or something.

So today I made up the shirt, using an old pattern from a Kwik Sew book of children's clothes.  It was very easy to cut out and sew.  I think the whole thing took a little over an hour.

I really like Kwik Sew patterns.  They don't have too many bells and whistles, particularly the patterns in their books.  Also, they keep most of their older patterns in print.  I've noticed a trend toward more fitted, tighter clothes in all the pattern companies, but Kwik Sew keeps their old, loose-fitting, eighties-style patterns in their book, the ones with the dropped shoulders and no darts.

Of course, kids' clothes pretty much stay that way, regardless of fashion trends.

As for the pants, I'll have to make those at Christmas, since I don't have the fabric here, and I'm going back to Houston soon.  I wonder if Marcy Tilton designs clothes for children?

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